4 Phenomenal Online Slot Games You Should Try

If you’re a gaming fan, you always want new games that can give you a better experience than your previous games. You will always strive to unlock new features and better game styles to feel more entertained. Looking for a new and better experience for online slot games? Here are the 4 phenomenal online slot games you should try:

1. The Viking Reign

This online slot game contains dragons and Vikings. It has a 5-reel and thirty pay line online slot games. You can enjoy a free spin bonus and some wild symbol multipliers. As you play this game, you’ll enjoy aesthetic and very pleasant visuals and cinematic audio. More symbols you can find on the reels include wild diamonds, shields, drinking horns, and scattered pendants. You can wager between $1.2 and $48 per spin as you play this game.

The game can enable you to enjoy decent payouts with free spins and wild multipliers. Based on the advice given by professional gamers at 122Joker a more fun game is one with เว็บคาสิโนส to enable you to play the games remotely. Viking reign also gives its clients this option. Viking further has a very high RTP of up to 97%. You can also play this online slot game on your mobile devices and desktops.

If you will be good enough, you can plunder all the reels as you play the Viking reign. Should you manage, you can enjoy several bonus spins. As you play this game, you can also deploy the dragon wilds for which you can get multipliers. Remember that most dragons always have attached multipliers to them. Therefore, players who win the bonus spins can also enjoy these benefits.

2. The 11 Champions

This game allows the players to combine both slot machines and soccer. The game gives players some incredible sports-themed gaming experiences. As you play this video slot, you can choose your preferred soccer kit. You simply need to click on the t-shirt tab and choose the color of clothes you want the players on your screen to wear. You can also enjoy action reels, horizontal spins and reel respins. The maximum payout you can get is 5000x your stake. The game has a high RTP of 95% which makes it a very volatile slot game.

Some online casinos can allow you to claim some trophies and even claim silverware with this online slot. As you play you’ll have to dribble and pass the ball around the pitch. As you do this, you should mark as many positions as you can. Afterward, the positions you marked can turn into wild ones if you get a goal symbol. Consequently, this symbol can trigger re-spin features and you can make more money.

Note that the re-spin feature represents an 11* multiplier. Should you win three bonus trophies you can win a pick ‘em bonus round too. With this bonus, you can score 5,000* your bet amount. To enjoy this game, ensure you pick your favorite team’s color at the game outset. This can make you feel as though you are watching your best home club play.

The 11 champions online slot has bullet bonuses, round bullets, and instant play bullets. As you play this slot, you can also enjoy autoplay bullets and slot bullets. You can choose to play the multiplier bullets or the wild symbol bullets. Furthermore, you can also choose the scatter symbol bullet, multiple, gaming bullets, or jackpot bullets as you will prefer. The slot has 5 reels which you can enjoy alongside the twenty lines.

3. The Long and Happy Life

This is a 5-reel slot game that has 50 pay lines and unique lucky symbols. The game has 4 non-progressive jackpots you can grab. You’ll see the value of your jackpot on the reel top once you choose it. You can win up to $30,000 when you spin the reels on this game. The game has such symbols as a red lantern, dragons, lucky coins, and golden bowls. You must however play not less than three matching symbols on any adjacent reels for you to win this game.

The online slot also has some turtle features. You can enjoy these features alongside a red lantern which can greatly enhance your bonuses. With a lantern light, you can win instant prizes of 200* your bet stake. You can also enjoy jackpots or several rounds of pan-changing free spins. When you get it right, you can go home with a grand jackpot of 30,000.

4. Super Charged 7s

Supercharged 7s has 40 pay lines. It has very low volatility to your advantage. The symbols for the game include 7s lucky numbers, dollar signs, BAR symbols, and diamonds. The game also has wheel symbols. Therefore, if you achieve more than 6 appearances on the reels, you will enjoy a special trigger feature. Three bonus scatters can also give you eight additional games for free.

As a gamer, the best way to spend your free time is to play online slot games. These games can give you the fun and thrilling excitement you want and also help you make some money. You must however choose games that have a high RTP value. Choose such games as the Viking Regn and 11 champions to enjoy high payouts. The long and happy game is perfect if you want non-progressive jackpots. The supercharged 7s can also give you some bonus scatters.

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