360 Photo Booth – Why is It So Path Breaking?

Do you like getting clicked often? Well, most people do and the credit goes to this smartphone age in which all of us are perpetually glued to our phones.

Have you heard of the 360 photo booth lately? If you love photography, you must have. It is basically a photo booth that captures pictures and videos of people by spinning 360 degrees around them.

The concept involves a platform on which people stand and an arm that holds the camera and spins around it. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? It seems to be the best bet for weddings where the bride and groom can have some fun with 360 degree shots. Not only weddings, but it is also great for corporate events. You can get one for your event/party/wedding from Ignite Images, they offer many intuitive photography solutions to make better memories.

Why photographers need it?

If you are into the professional photography arena, you would need a 360 Photobooth. Your customers would be elated to know that you have something new to offer. Being a professional, having this photo booth would give you a much-needed edge over your competitors. The plain fact is that everyone wants unique stuff these days and for big events like weddings, people are ready to go the extra mile for that ‘uniqueness’. You would end up getting a handsome payment for the photo booth set up and the efforts you put in.

The 360 photo booth is a major advancement in the world of technology and owning one will be immensely profitable. Being relatively new in the photography scene, it is great to get your hands on one. Your clients will love the fact that you have bothered to stay abreast of the changing times!

What makes a 360 photo booth so much fun?

A spinning photo booth makes most of the latest camera technology and the most advanced techniques of processing images. It basically lets you capture pics and videos in a rather fresh style, something that looks great when shared on social media platforms like Instagram. People are quite obsessed with style and perfection ever since the entry of social networks such as Instagram.

Here is how most 360 photo booths work at events,

The guests are made to stand on a platform while the start button is pressed. The camera then starts recording. Guests are asked to step down when the arm holding the camera stops spinning.

There is a host computer that takes care of the video processing and the job is done in flat 20 seconds. The video is then ready to be shared with the attendees or to be posted on social media.

The younger attendees will find the images and videos captured by the stunning 360 photobooth amazing as they are more inclined to share it on their Insta stories. Instagram is indeed a very popular social network with more than 500 million users and if the event is regarding a brand, you can get free publicity when the young attendees share the pics and videos on Instagram. There are even Facebook stories but they are not as popular as their Instagram counterpart.

Different modes of 360 photo booths

There are no preset definitions of the working of a 360 camera photo booth. Many different ways exist but some of them that are used widely are the following:

360 rotation

In the 360 rotation mode, the camera rotates 360 degrees around the individuals to be photographed when they pose.

A 180 degree or 360 degree footage is captured by the camera which is then further enhanced with slow-motion effects, overlays and much more. All the effects are like the icing on the cake and will make the footage look better when shared on social media.

360 freeze booth

In this mode, multiple cameras click at the same time from different angles rather than one camera revolving around subjects.

This helps in capturing each and every angle when the subjects are positioned in the middle of the entire arrangement.

After the images are captured, they are processed in such a way that they create very unique photos or video footage. The end result is amazing in this mode.

360 VR

This mode involves just one camera of high quality. It rotates in a fixed position while it clicks photos or shoots a video of the event. It creates a VR reality. The final output is simply awesome but 360 VR goes beyond entertainment alone but that is on a different track altogether.

What are the top benefits of getting a 360 photo booth at an event?

1. A unique concept for events

For every event to be a hit, it is important to run around a bit.  If you are the photographer at an event, installing a 360 photo booth there will grab a lot of eyeballs. When it is complemented with certain good props, a 360 camera photo booth can take the entire event a level higher. It is great for weddings as most of the couples these days love to have a larger-than-life experience on their big day.

2. Captures every angle

The fact that every angle gets captured by the photo booth will make the attendees happy. There will be a lot of content to be shared on social media.  After all, who doesn’t want to get their photos clicked from every angle?

3. Adds value to your brand

If you own a brand, using the 360 photo booth can be immensely beneficial for you. The images or footage you capture using it will speak volumes of your brand’s style and whatever goes on social media will find several takers. Your product will seem like the talk of the town, all thanks to the photo booth.

The Final Takeaway

The 360 photo booth is more like a star of every event. Be it weddings or brand launches, you can definitely get the scene rocking by capturing 360 degree shots. The images and footage get processed very fast and can be shared with the attendees who in turn post it on various social media platforms out of which Instagram emerges as the winner.

You can invest in one if you are a professional photographer or simply hire one if you are organizing an event.

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