3 Ways How Immersive Technology is Empowering Today’s Businesses

Businesses today need to reinvent themselves to stay afloat and survive in the changing market competition. Not just that, businesses also need to have new ways to streamline their services and products in a way that keeps them on top of their customers’ minds. Immersive technology has been that kind of potential technology, enough to transform how organizations work and communicate today. The ultimate goal is to grab every opportunity and technological advancement to stay ahead of the competition.

And what can be any better way than visiting top-end business summits and events like the Empowering Beyond Summit 2022? Powerful brands like Avasant and others stay at the forefront of this digital regeneration journey. Visiting the summit, businesses can evidence featured sessions, including –

  • The digital evolution of companies to handle cyber wars more effectively.
  • Understanding how tomorrow’s workplaces are no longer confined within corporate walls.
  • Realizing the true potential of data valuation and monetization.
  • Walking towards a path of a sustainable growth plan.
  • Experiencing how AI (Artificial Intelligence) has accelerated digital progress.
  • Exploring the real power of business automation.
  • Understanding how immersive tech and transformational business models have shaped the future of businesses.

The list doesn’t end with these, as there are far more session features to follow, where even Fortune 500 companies are expected to lead from the front.

In this article, you will learn how immersive tech has revolutionized the way businesses function.

Better Customer Engagement with Immersive Activities

Attractive visuals, engaging interactive actions, and resonating messages are some of the crucial aspects of marketing campaigns. With the help of immersive technology, organizations can go beyond traditional practices to make their campaigns more successful. The immersive experience engages them and helps organizations deal with changing consumer habits. And the best thing is that it not just attracts new customers but also ensures maximum existing customer retention.

Here are some reasons why –

  • Immersive technologies put the focus entirely on boosting customer experience. These can convince customers to physically connect with your brand and build robust relationships.
  • Immersive tech evokes a sense of emotional response among the audience. It is what compels potential customers to connect with your organization.
  • Besides these, immersive tech offers practical solutions to customers. With its help, customers can have a deeper understanding of the product before making a purchasing decision.
  • As immersive technology is considerably new to the market, it can be used to attract customers to a brand. One can still remember how Pepsi introduced its famous YouTube clip back in 2014. It provided a unique AR experience and garnered over 4.7 million views.

Provide Real-Time Product Experience

As online shopping has gradually become the norm within the last few years, a common concern of people rose up. Well, as a matter of fact, online buyers do not get a chance to realize how any particular product would flare in real life. It hampers their buying choices and often leaves them confused.

However, with the implementation of AR and VR solutions, buying online has become more convenient for buyers. One can try any product one wants before purchasing them or browsing the next one. With the help of immersive tech, businesses can allow their customers to have an in-store experience without even visiting it. That is why many companies are making their AR-enabled mobile apps, thus allowing customers to explore products more deeply.

Faster Product Design and Development

One of the most cost-effective ways to design and develop a product is to leverage immersive technology solutions. In fact, it drives research and development (R&D) teams and can significantly quicken the product development process.

Faster product design and development are possible because of advances in VR technology, where R&D teams are provided with collaborative virtual spaces. They collaborate and work virtually to test different concepts, ideas, and prototypes and develop models. The best thing about this is that they can execute these tests without the need to invest money in purchasing physical prototypes.

Therefore, unlike traditional workflows, immersive tech solutions significantly fasten the development process. Moreover, with the use of immersive technology, R&D teams can work with more efficiency as they do not have monetary restraints on physical elements. In that way, they can make more contributions, test more new ideas and bring in better innovations.

Wrapping Up

One must not forget one of the most significant contributions of immersive technology to businesses, i.e., employee training. Through events like the ‘Empowering Beyond Summit,’ small businesses can understand how different advanced technologies like immersive technology can bring in a revolution.

Virtual training has provided many organizations with a disciplined full-fledged practical training option. With the help of AR and VR, immersive tech has brought a 75% knowledge retention rate. Alongside, the time needed for training was also seen reduced by 25% in most cases.

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