3 Tools From GogoPDF That Can Help You Protect Your PDF Files

With the many issues that the digital world is facing today, it would be necessary to add protection to your files. One of the best tools you can find online to secure your file is GogoPDF. You can easily place a watermark, encrypt a password, and decrypt a password to your PDF file with GogoPDF.

How To Put A Watermark To A PDF File

Today, putting a copy of your PDF file on the internet might be a risky thing, mainly if it contains confidential information. Some people who open your file might think that it doesn’t have any intrinsic value. They might get a copy of it and send it to other people without knowing that the file they are sending holds valuable content.

One thing you can consider to prevent this problem is by placing a watermark on your PDF file. This task requires patience since you will undergo a complex process when using an online tool. However, if you use GogoPDF’s Add Watermark To PDF tool, you can quickly make it happen with just a few clicks.

To start, select a PDF file from your device and place it on GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can start adding your desired watermark. You can put “Confidential” or “Do Not Copy” text as your watermark. You can also add an image if you like. It depends totally on you on what watermark to put as long as it’s appropriate to your file.

After that, GogoPDF will begin analyzing and adding a watermark to your PDF file. Choosing GogoPDF will unquestionably not fail you. The process is fast due to the sophisticated system and technology that GogoPDF uses. Once it is finished, you can start downloading your PDF file.

If your file already has a watermark, you can be sure that your file is protected from any issues regarding duplication and counterfeiting of documents. This task is supposedly a hard and complicated one. Thanks to GogoPDF, you can start adding a watermark to your PDF files with just a few clicks.

How To Lock A PDF File

Without passwords, the digital world would be a more chaotic place. You will have no privacy, and it wouldn’t be a haven for your file’s safety. Encrypting a password to your essential PDF file is a necessity. It will not give unauthorized people to have access to your confidential file. Plus, it would also add security to your file.

However, adding a password is a complex task. There will be verifications along the way. Hence, it is time-consuming. If you wish to put a password to your PDF file using the easiest and fastest procedures, you can try to use GogoPDF’s Protect PDF tool.

To start, choose an essential PDF file from your device and put it on GogoPDF’s tool. Once finished, you can begin to add a password. Your password must have alpha-numeric characters and both lower and upper cases. With this, other people will not surely guest your file’s password.

Once done, GogoPDF will begin to analyze and encrypt a password to your PDF file. It will only take a minute or less to be finished. After adding a password is finished, you can begin downloading your newly password-encrypted PDF file. GogoPDF has made PDF file protection easily done!

How To Unlock A PDF File

Encrypting a password to your PDF file adds security to it. However, problems might occur in the long run. If you forget your file’s password, for sure, it would be huge trouble. If your files do not have any confidential information, you can try to remove your file’s password.

GogoPDF has the best tool to decrypt your password-protected PDF file. It offers the easiest and most straightforward steps in doing it. To start, you must choose a password-encrypted PDF file and place it on GogoPDF’s system. Once done, GogoPDF will begin to analyze and decrypt your password-protect file.

Decrypting your password will not take long if you have a strong internet connection. Once it is finished, you can begin downloading your newly decrypted PDF file. It has never been this easy. Surely, GogoPDF has made password decryption easier than how it is supposed to be!


PDFBear has been serving the people the best tools to aid their task regarding PDF file protection. If you are looking for other features that will help you with your file format modification, you can check out GogoPDF’s website. Lastly, if you are still not convinced with GogoPDF, you can try to avail of their free trial promo for a limited time only!

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