3 Surprising Uses for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one prominent example of a new generation of AI models that are quietly revolutionizing the way people work, play, and process information. What makes GPT itself so impressive is that it is the frontrunner in the field of large language models – conversational software programs that are trained on natural human language captured from the internet.

Through employing neural networks, ChatGPT can use this vast pool of information to contextualize questions asked of it, and answer in a way that mimics natural language – albeit, with the benefit of immense computing power and near-instantaneous recall.

This makes it an incredibly potent tool for use in a variety of ways. If you’ve played around with ChatGPT and been impressed with its ability to respond to your queries but are unsure where to start to really begin to make the most of what it offers, consider these surprising uses below.

Language Learning

When one pauses to consider it, it’s easy to understand why a large language model could be beneficial in your language learning journey. While the likes of popular platforms like Duolingo are ultimately still better suited to learning the basics of another language, thanks to its extensive development, ChatGPT can be a fantastic addition to your learning routines.

ChatGPT can speak to varying degrees of proficiency in hundreds of different languages – though it’s worth noting that the more high-quality training data it has access to in a given language will correspond with its ability to speak it. Thus, languages with large amounts of data, like Spanish and Mandarin, are best suited for this task.

Trading and the Stock Market

ChatGPT is a wholly unique tool thanks to the fact it has been trained on huge volumes of natural language data. This enables it to structure and present information in a way that is easily digestible and responsive to human input.

But ChatGPT’s utility can even be further compounded with the help of the various supported plugins that can be integrated into the model. This opens up everything from data analytics to even real-time internet searches, paving the way for a number of intriguing applications.

For example, a growing number of people are getting meaningful mileage from calling on GPT to assist in the complex and fast-moving world of online trading thanks to its ability to rapidly analyze market trends and even conduct in-depth analysis of financial data submitted to it.

ChatGPT’s natural language and reasoning abilities can further assist those embarking on their first steps in trading but letting them comprehensively figure out their individual tolerance to risk and can suggest approaches and strategies towards portfolio diversification that best match these preferences.

Private Chef

GPT is a powerful resource for helping you form curated plans, taking as it does its information from vast amounts of data gathered from the internet.

For example, someone wanting to embark on exclusively cooking gluten-free food can ask GPT to devise a meal plan fitting this request. What’s impressive about this is how much you can specify said plan to your individual requirements. Suppose you’re wanting to ease into this type of eating slowly – you could have GPT create a 6-week meal plan that increasingly adds gluten-free meals to your regular diet.

You can even get extremely granular, specifying requirements for grams of different macronutrients to ensure you’re eating exactly the nutritional profile of the food you want. The model can then generate a shopping list from the recipes it has devised and cost this comprehensively – letting you know just how much you’re looking to spend in the process.

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