3 Classic Wristwatch That You Should Consider From The Hublot Classic Fusion Collection

Ever since the first launch of the wristwatch brand Hublot, it has been delivering quality and extraordinary types of wristwatches to the market. Hublot has released several wristwatch collections that touch different kinds of demands from the public in today’s date. One from their collection is the Hublot Classic Fusion that many wrist watch enthusiasts embrace.

In this article, we will give you a sneak peek at the three of the notable wristwatches from the Hublot Classic Fusion collection.

Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin Skeleton All Black Automatic Skeleton Dial Ceramic Men’s Watch

The 545.CM.0140.LR is one of the unique types of design from the collection of Hublot Classic Fusion. You will enjoy the skeleton design, which allows you to see through what’s inside the wristwatch. This type of design is one of the most innovative takes on making a wristwatch unique and at the same time presentable.

This timepiece comes with grey color and a little mixture of silver and black to complement the primary color. The case also has a transparent back which is in line with the skeleton design. It is also a round shape with a diameter of 42mm, which is best suited for men with medium to large wrists size.

You will also enjoy the comfortable band that is made with the materials of alligator leather and rubber. Although this wristwatch looks heavy, you can quickly wear this without even feeling that you are wearing a timepiece on your wrist. Overall this timepiece is a classic timepiece with its design that can last for years and even generations to come.

Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium Automatic Skeleton Dial Men’s Watch

The 526.NX.0124.VR is our next timepiece on our list. It is another skeleton design type of wristwatch that can best be worn on different occasions, meetings, and even on your regular day basis. This intricate wristwatch is built for men who want to express a bold statement and strong presence to the public.

It came with a silver color on its casing and paired with a black band. The manufacturer’s choice of material in making this timepiece is titanium, which allows this wristwatch to last longer than usual. It can also survive different types of weather and activities. Although this is a luxury wristwatch, you can still wear this on your regular days.

Keeping track of time is one of the most underrated things that you should put importance on. If you have decided on purchasing this wristwatch, it will surely help you track your time and keep you from getting late in your meetings and appointments. Overall this is an excellent watch for regular use and can be a good investment for future selling purposes.

Classic Fusion Automatic Black Dial Ceramic Men’s Watch

The next and final timepiece in this list is the 542.CM.1171.RX. This one is a different approach compared to the two previous wristwatches on our list. This timepiece’s design attempt is to achieve a subtle and clean look with the combination of different shades of the color black. It also has minimal details to keep it clean as it can be.

This type of luxury wristwatch is best used in formal events and paired with a black suit and tie. However, you can still wear this timepiece on a regular occurrence or even in your daily activities. It has water-resistant making it flexible rainy seasons or in your quick beach getaway. You can submerge yourself below sea level of almost 50m, and this wristwatch will still be fine.

The ceramic material used in making its casing also made this wristwatch sturdy. You can use this in any activity and be confident that it will still work the following day. The band is made with a rubber material making it lighter than your typical luxury wristwatch, which makes you forget that you are even wearing a wristwatch in the first place.


The wristwatches that are available today are innovative with their functionality to meet the demands of the public. Today’s designs are also new and unique, which are fresh in the public’s eye, and you can experiment with them while pairing them to your different outfits. Most of the wristwatches today are also water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about rainy seasons.

The Hublot Classic Fusion has brought us a diverse wristwatch collection that we can choose depending on our needs and wants. Remember that a timepiece can be a great way of telling your personality; make sure to select the watch you want to use and be helpful in your daily activity.

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