People usually spend so much time digging down to the most reliable video converter that supports a variety of input and output formats. And of course, that’s not an easy task to pick any tool and start off right away. Video converting still has its own significance, and most of us frequently indulge with this task. Certainly, there could be a number of reasons that you’re looking to convert video to another format. You might want to convert your videos taken on your mobile to more common and shareable format. Or else, you just want to reduce their size to save space on your storage device.

Also, it happens sometimes that our TV or other devices refuse to play a certain format. This is where a video converter tool is most needed. While spending our long hours in hunting for a reliable and fast video converting tool, we found that the Wondershare Free Video Converter works perfectly. This tool has everything that you would ever need while converting videos and other media files from one format to another. During this review, we would discuss the most important features of this video convert tool and how it could help you convert media files easily.

One of the most important aspects of any video editing/converting tool is how it’s easier to use that tool. In that respect, we find that Wondershare Free Video Converter very convenient. One could easily get started with this tool and use it precisely to convert files to different formats. As soon as one opens the application, it brings up a sleek looking interface with dark brown skin with violating color context. The user interface is pretty simple and it won’t take your much time to understand its features and functionalities. That’s not the only thing that makes this tool pretty cool, there a few more pros that would help you extensively.

This tool free video converter tool is developed by Wondershare, a well-known software development company. Since this tool has its free version, there are several things that you should know. While using this free version, the converted files, are marked with their watermarks and, probably, you would see some ads while using this tool. Apart from that, the free version would restrict you from using some advanced features that we will discuss later. So, before you make your decision to purchase it, you can test the free version thoroughly and then move further towards the premium version, know as Ultimate version.

Talking about features, this tool is able to convert nearly all video formats that usually use. In terms of numbers, this video converter supports about 1000+ video/audio formats. That’s surely enough for personal and professional use. The more users who are bound to use some specific extensions, like iPhone users, such tools are really helpful. Users can easily convert their media files to specific formats. Additionally, it comes with multiple media tools and video editing options to perform further actions on media files. We would start with the interface thing and then move towards its functions.

Wondershare Free Video Converter Features and Functions

The User Interface

We find this tool very easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly and it doesn’t complex things. As soon as we open the tool, it serves almost options at the very first screen. At the top of the screen, you get to know its core facilities.

wondershare video converter more options

The very first entity serves you a full-fledged panel to convert videos from one format to another. Next, to it, you get additional features that make this tool even better. The user interface allows users to select files from different sources.

wondershare video converter select files

Either you can select a file or a folder to important videos in bulk. Moreover, you can import videos directly from devices like Mobile, Tablets, and camcorders. Just connect your device to your computer using the USB cable.

Besides this option, you can import DVDs, ISO and IFO files as well. You can directly pick a DVD from a drive and have the desire conversation done.

The right side, you get the menu to select the output formats. Using this menu, you can configure that output and set the default ones. That means, once you select the desired format, going forward, you just need to press the convert button. That file/s will be converted to the select format automatically.

wondershare video converter select output format

The Wondershare Video converter tool supports over 1000 formats, you could find an appropriate based on extension or device type. That’s surely a major advantage of this tool compared to other similar software.

At the bottom of the screen, you get options to customize the output that, schedule the conversations, enable high-speed conversion (available in Ultimate version) and a few more. That’s all about its interface. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take you much time to get familiar with this tool.

Supports 1000+ media formats

No matter whether you’re looking to convert video for your iPhone, TV or any other device, this tool has covered you. The Wondershare Free Video Converter tool supports more than 1000 media formats. That means, you can convert almost all audio and video files to nearly all formats. For those who are bound to use some specific formats, this tool should come handy.

Wondershare Video formats

There you get a huge list of formats to choose the right output file for you. Through this menu, you can select the default output format to make conversions snappier. Further, you get the option to customize the resolutions, audio frequencies, and other aspects.

Wondershare format customization

Thus, you can customize your videos more precisely. If you want to save more space, you can lower the resolution and audio bit rate. Or use the presets like High, and small size quality.

Burn Videos to DVD

While you convert videos, you can directly burn them using this tool. You don’t have to use any other tool or utility to do that work.

Wondershare video converter burn DVD

You just need to tap on the Burn tab present at the top of the screen. Then, select the video that you want to burn.

Additionally, you get customization options on the right side of the screen. You can use them choose a pre-built template, put labels to DVD, choose menu type, screen ration, region, and quality. We find these options pretty well. Though these options are somewhat limited, however they are good enough to burn a professional DVD on-the-go.

At the bottom of the screen, you get an option to choose the DVD path, where you’d want to burn the file/s. Really, this option is very helpful. It doesn’t much to customize and burn a professional DVD.

Supports Multitasking

Unlike most of such tools, the Wondershare free video converter won’t’ stop you from wait till the previous conversion is completed. Through this tool, you can easily convert different videos at the same time. Or do other conversions while previous ones are converting.

multitasking wondershare video converter

Most of the video converter won’t allow such workflow. Even this is a video converter, it won’t restrict you from using this functionality.

You can update a batch of videos to convert at once. That saves a huge time doing such work. Through custom settings, you can customize the output for each conversion individually. You don’t have to wait for anything else.

Much snappier conversion

While we were testing this free video converting tool from Wondershare, we find it much snappier compared other tools. The workflow is simple and saves a huge time. The conversion of long files happens within minutes. Of course, this aspect is the most important one that you must consider while looking for such tools.

faster conversion

Further, this tool allows users to scale up the performing through hardware and GPU acceleration. However, this feature is available in the premium version, the Ultimate Video converter. This feature would speed up the conversion process up 30 times.

That would bring more productivity in less time. If you’re serious about speed, you must opt its premium version. That will give you the ultimate speed and many other options.

Video editing on-the-go

Perhaps, wouldn’t find a dedicated tab for this purpose, this tool still offers some options to edit the videos and convert them to different formats. Just when you upload videos, individually you can edit them.

wondershare video editor

You can cut videos, crop them, apply effects, put subtitles, watermarks and edit audio part. And once you have done with the editing, you can complete the conversion. That edited video would be converted thereafter. These options are enough to edit and customize videos on-the-go. Most importantly, you don’t have to rely on any other software for that purpose.

This feature is not limited within the free version of Wondershare Video converter tool. Thus, you can test it thoroughly. Also, you can easily set meta details for each video.

Download Videos from different sources

Yes, you can download videos, using this free video converter tool. The free version is able to download videos from YouTube. The premium version allows users to download videos/audios from 10000+ resources. That’s surely a huge number.

wondershare youtube video download

Before the download begins, it allows you to choose the output media files. You can choose the desired resolution, format, subtitles, and whether you want to download a video file or MP3. Again, the workflow goes simple, you can download multiple videos at the same time.

Additional toolbox

It has some additional functionalities related to media work. Being a video converter, this tool has been blessed with many important features.

toolbox video converter

Through this panel, you can fix media metadata and create VR ready videos.

To capture the screen of your computer, this tool comes with the inbuilt screen recorder tool. However, until you purchase its premium version, you won’t be able to use this feature. Further, it gives an option to create GIFs from existing videos and pictures.

Thus, overall this tool has plenty of helpful features. That makes this Wondershare free video converter so good. Most of such tools are dedicated to a single purpose. Whereas, with this tool, you get plenty of options to take care of video conversion and editing process.

Why you should upgrade to its premium version; Video Converter Ultimate

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to its premium version. Most importantly, you would get videos converted at a faster rate (up to 30X) without the watermarks. Though the free version won’t restrict you from converting files, but it puts a watermark that appears over the output videos.

Further, you’ll be able to download videos from almost all online video resources, i.e 10000+ websites. You can download videos simultaneously without any interruptions. The premium version allows activating the High-Speed Conversion option, that uses hardware and GPU things to speed up the whole conversion process.

The premium version will unlock all of its features including the toolbox, You can use the inbuilt screen recovery, GIF maker, burn DVDs without watermarks and so on.

The lifetime license comes at $49.95 which includes lifetime updates, support and restrict free access to all features and functionalities of this too. Additionally, to safeguard your decision, it comes with a 30-Day Refund Guarantee. If you don’t like the software or if the Video Converter Ultimate doesn’t meet your expectation, you can ask for a refund.

The wrap-up

Overall, we find Wondershare Free Video Converter very helpful. This version doesn’t bind you while converting files from one format to another. However, there’s only one that could distract you. The free version puts a watermark on the output videos. Therefore, you would need to upgrade to its premium version.

Apart from being a video converter utility, it has several other functionalities. We highly recommend you to try the free version of this tool thoroughly and after that, you could move to its premium version. We are impressed with its UI, workflow, speed, and multi-functional ability. If you’re looking for a good video converter tool with reliable performance and features, we highly recommend this video converter tool.

We hope that our readers would find this review helpful, do let us know your feedback and thoughts. We would love to hear from you and bring more such useful stuff. GuptaComputerFree video converter,Video converter,WondersharePeople usually spend so much time digging down to the most reliable video converter that supports a variety of input and output formats. And of course, that's not an easy task to pick any tool and start off right away. Video converting still has its own significance, and most...