If you are a serious blogger, you should have a self-hosted WordPress blog! Anyway if you have self-hosted WordPress blog then this post is extremely useful for you. If you take care of your readers and commenter then I am sure you will be looking for WordPress plugin for better comment management.

This post is especially for WordPress comment management.

This list could be longer than it is but I have avoided similar plugins.


This plugin will add anti-spam captcha in WordPress comment form. The users will have to type characters shown in the image, so automated spam will be prevented.

Easy Gravatars

This plugin allows you to add Gravatars to your commenters for your theme.

Feature Comments

This plugin enables you to feature comments if you like to feature someone’s comment you can feature that by this plugin.

Comment rating

This a simple plugin to make a rating system for your comments.

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons

Yahoo emoticons are very popular among chatters, they make this interesting and this plugin provides an easy to insert them in your comments.

Twitoaster – Twitter Conversations

This plugin automatically Twitter replies and retweets to your blog posts.

Editable Comments

Once you left a comment then it is not possible to edit that comment or make any change because WordPress does provide an easy way for this. But if you have installed this plugin your commuters will be able to edit their comments if they want to edit it.


This plugin creates a new widget on your dashboard, which will show you that comments you have not responded, so you can respond it when you want.

Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook connect plugin installs a Facebook connect interface so people can log in to your site with their Facebook account and leave a comment.

Top Commentators Widget

This plugin also very useful to make happy your commenters, so they will leave comments again and again on your blog. This plugin easily generates a widget for your comments; you can place this widget in blog’s sidebar.


This plugin is very useful if you want to make a good relation with other bloggers. Because WordPress comment links are already tagged with “nofollow” tag. And this plug will remove no follow tag from your comments links.

jQuery Comment Preview

jQuery plugin is for comment preview when someone leaves a comment he will be able to see the preview of his/her comment.

Subscribe to Comments Now!

If you reply comments on your blog then it is useful because many bloggers who leave a comment on your blog he waits for your reply on his comment. And for this, if you have installed this plugin he will be able to subscribe all reply and comments or only reply on only his comment.

GD Star rating

GD star rating is full-featured rating plugin for WordPress. This plugin will insert a rating system in your posts, comments and replies. It is fully configurable.

Most Commented Widget

This plugin creates a widget for most commented posts; you can place this widget in blog’s sidebar.

Comment Toolbar

This plugin will add six toolbars at the end of every comment, so one can automatically insert comment navigation, reply, and quotes. You can reply easily every comment author.

Topsy Retweet Button

Topsy retweet button creates retweet buttons for your posts and comments.


The @reply plugin provides you Twitter-like reply system in comments.


CommentLuv is one of the most famous comment plugin because relationship matters. You will already familiar with this plugin. When a blogger leaves a comment on your blog and if he gives his blog address also then his last blog post will be shown below his comment. Sure you will get more comments than usual if you have installed this plugin.

Remove Links in Comments

If you do not want to give links to your commenters in comments this plugin will remove it.

IntenseDebate Comments

IntenseDebate is also a comment system which is improved and will replace WordPress’s default comment system. It is similar to Disqus.


Geosmart is a location awareness plugin, you can set this plugin so you will be able to see the location of the commenter in Google map as well others. If you do not want to show Google map it will so only location as country and city of the commenter.

DISQUS Comment System

Disqus is a comment system which will replace your WordPress’s default comment system and it is improved. Better commenting system, commenter’s can use Facebook connect, log in with Twitter or open ID to comment.