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When you start a blog it is simply an infant blog, there is no Google page rank, no Alexa rank, no link backs, no subscribers, no comments, no Compete rank, no US visitors, no earnings, no popularity. But after launching your blog you start working on it to make it famous, to get readers, to get subscribers and if you are in a niche then it sure.

2 or 3 months later your blog should be having a good number of visitors and 2.5 ratios of page views of your visits. Generally, your every post should be having at least a comment. And you should be having placed Adsense ads and generating some regular revenue. And you should be trying to sell your direct ad or 125X125 banners etc.

Google Page Rank

Google page rank shows the importance of a web page. Google page rank is not only for the website, but each page has its own page rank. New pages do not have page rank, but after one month of writing a post or launching a blog it gets a page rank, but there is no surety of the page because it depends on the page or URL itself, it will get a page rank or not. To check page rank you should install the Google toolbar, you can download it here.


Google is a top search engine, most people search on it for information, but you can use it for checking the popularity of a blog too. When you search on Google for a keyword or blog it shows you the number of results on the top right side, if you search for TechCrunch on Google it shows more than 3.5 million results but if you check for ReadWriteWeb, Google will show you 1.7 million results. Learn more about Google here.

Blog Comments

A popular normally get over 15 comments on each blog post and an average can be 15 to 150 or even more. There are some sites where you can check the backlinks of your sites; I have a post on backlink checking site here.

Worth or Value of a Blog

This is not a good idea to measure a blog’s popularity, but it is an idea. There are some of the websites that can find how much your blog worth? You can check the value of your site by visiting these sites myblogvalue, blogcalculator.

Backlinks of your Blog

If your blog is popular it must be having so many backlinks. I have a good list of backlink checking tools here.


Alexa is a tool that remotely analyzes your blog visits and some other important statistics and it gives you a rank of your blog. The more you become popular the less your rank will be, top site on Alexa has rank 1. Learn more about Alexa here.


The compete is similar to Alexa but to see statistics you have to open an account a go pro. But it also gives rank for your site, the rank is given monthly based on US visitors of your blog.


Technorati is not so much import as it was before, because they made some changes and that are worse. There are some more seasons for it; I am not going to discuss them here. It is not for website, but only for blogs and bloggers. Compete is a web analytics tool, to find more web analytic tools visit here.

Feedcompare (Expired)

Feedcompare is important because it shows the Feedburner subscribers of a blog. Mostly blogger shows it on their blogs by then self, but you can check how many RSS subscribers a blog or blogger has by simply entering his blogs name.

Twitter Followers and Retweets

Twitter is a microblogging site, there are so many other microblogging sites, but Twitter is on top in all other sites. So almost every blogger has an account on Twitter and the account should be in the name of his blog or blogger’s own name. If a blog or blogger has so many followers this mean he is a popular blogger.
If you are a popular blogger your blog stories should be getting retweeted by your reader not only by yourself. Learn more about Twitter here. For more Twitter-like microblogging site visit here and here.

Facebook Fans

This is also a good idea to analyze a blog’s popularity, a popular blog has a fan page on Facebook and so many fans. Learn more about Facebook and Fanbox here. Facebook is a social networking site, you can find more social networking sites here and here.

Digged Stories from your blog

There are so many other sites similar to Digg but Digg is on top.

This is one most important factor when you measure the popularity of a blog. Popular blog posts occasionally get featured on Digg’s homepage and if not featured on the homepage they good number of Diggs.

To check how many stories have been Digged from a blog and how many Diggs the stories have gotten simply go to Digg and search for that blog. You can visit Digg here.

Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious is a social bookmarking site, there are so my other sites similar to Delicious but Delicious is on top. If a blog is popular it is sure so many stories should be bookmarked on delicious by so many users from that blog. If you want to know more about social bookmarking sites here and here.

Dmoz Listing (Depreciated)

Dmoz is a web directory, but blogs also are a website because they have an URL. So they also can be submitted in Dmoz and if a blog is submitted and approved in Dmoz. So it is one more idea to check blogs popularity. To find more web directories visit here. If you are looking for blog directories visit here.

Wikipedia Page, and References

This measure is not for new blogs or average blogs, but for high ranked blogs. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia for all; anyone can edit it, so having some references from your blog on Wikipedia is a good way to measure blogs popularity, or if a blog has a page on Wikipedia that will be much better.