10 Effective Strategies to Increase Telegram Members and Boost Engagement

Telegram channels are one of the great platforms for promoting a personal brand, company, or blog. It is among the top five messengers of the world with about 700 million users per month. If you have a Telegram channel and don’t know how to make more people become your potential audience, then it is highly recommended to read this post.

Why increase Telegram channel members?

Telegram is a growing cloud-based messaging app with amazing characteristics and features. More than millions of people are joining this platform daily. This means that you will have a great opportunity to reach a large audience around the world. Sending and receiving files and messages in Telegram is faster and highly secure.

Growing your Telegram channel will increase brand awareness of your business and improve brand credibility. More people will be interested in ordering products from you, thereby increasing your sales volume. Another benefit of increasing Telegram members is bringing more eyes to your business.

Strategies to boost Telegram members and audience engagement

Boosting your Telegram channel members can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially for starters. The following strategies are highly effective in growing your channel members and developing a successful community.

1. Understand who your target members are.

Before discovering strategies to increase your targeted members on Telegram, it’s crucial to understand who your potential audience is. Once you identified that, you can conveniently use existing groups and channels to reach the potential audience. Moreover, there are various Telegram promotion channels to reach a wide audience.

2. Use influencers in your niche.

Once you identified your potential audience on Telegram, reach out to reliable influencers in your niche. This is a great strategy to get the word out regarding your Telegram channel/group and bring the attention of more members. Additionally, utilize the content from other groups and channels in your niche. This will assist you to draw attention to your channel and bring more prospective members.

3. Post quality content.

All strategies will be useless if you don’t post quality content that is interesting and valuable for the potential audience. So, focus on creating engaging content that brings more eyes and makes users keep visiting your channel to explore more.

Research what is trending and post content frequently with attractive headlines. Be sure not to spam posts as it can make Telegram penalize you in different ways. Once members get annoyed and disable channel notifications, the possibility of coming back and exploring your content will reduce.

4. Add subscribers manually.

If you don’t want to use any automation tool, you can add potential subscribers or members to your channels manually. You can add people with whom you have ever interacted or people from a list of your contacts. This can be done by opening the channel settings and adding users in the Subscribers section. 

5. QR code.

Many brands and individuals often underestimate the use of QR code tool, which is highly affordable and convenient to use. You can take advantage of this tool if your business is partially or completely offline. All you have to do is simply leave the QR code in conspicuous boxes, places, street poles, or packaging with a call to subscribe to your channel. Adding special benefits for users like an amazing discount or promotional codes in your Telegram channel will be the icing on the cake.   

6. Share on social media channels.

The power of social media channels can never be underestimated as the number of people visiting different social networking sites daily. So, leverage social media sites by adding a link to your Telegram channel or content to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Upload your posts and invite your friends and followers. Nowadays, several Telegram tools allow posting links to channels directly and quickly. You can use free multi-links to increase Telegram subscribers. 

7. Run ad campaigns.

By running ad campaigns on Telegram, you can reach more people and boost the number of members. To get the most out of this strategy, use relevant hashtags to bring the attention of more people to your Telegram group or channel.

8. Mutual PR and partnership.

More people and brands like you are searching for effective ways to increase Telegram members and expand their reach. Mutual reposting and PR are the proven ways to give a boost to your members’ base on Telegram.

Find channels with the same number of subscribers as on your channel, ensuring they have a loyal audience and identical topics as you. This is a great strategy to convert your competitor into your prospective partner, get users’ trust, and increase your subscribers on your channel.

9. Buy real members.

Another strategy you can use is to buy active and real members for your Telegram channel from BuyQualityLikes to save you time and effort. You can buy authentic members from a few hundred to millions of members instantly without using any bots or computer programs.

Buying Telegram members is a safe and legal method to grow Telegram members. When you buy members from BuyQualityLikes, you will get the complete assurance of increasing organic engagement without any decrease in the number of members. All the purchased members are real and boost the channel’s growth in the short and long term.

10. Email marketing.

Although email marketing is an old tactic, it still holds great power in growing the Telegram channel and increasing channel subscribers/members. You can use automated and simple email marketing to boost your audience engagement. Allow your recipients to subscribe to your channel to participate in a specific contest or an event. Add a call-to-action to become a member of your Telegram channel in newsletters or automated email sequences. 


There is everything you can try to increase your Telegram members and bring more engagement. Remember, to get communications going in your group/channel and encourage engagement, you need to encourage comments, ask questions, and give feedback. This will help people know that you’re interested in engaging with them.

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