10 Common Mistakes New WordPress Users Make

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system platforms out there for a good reason. You can use it for anything without having to complete a programming degree. Even more so, it is helpful for anyone who enters the world of website creation for the first time.

WordPress is also one of the most flexible platforms that can be easily adjusted to your needs. You want to start a business, write a blog, or create a portfolio? WordPress got your back.

WordPress is especially helpful for students who explore their career opportunities. Before starting, you might want to first find an answer to your request “how to write my essay” and then dedicate some time to your page. WordPress is quite beginner-friendly, but you need to learn about all common mistakes. Then, it will be easier for you to build a functional and beautiful webpage.

Confusing and

It can be confusing to spot the difference between these two .org and .com types. is a managed host, while .org is not a host. You need to start with a self-hosted .org platform as it gives you access to features beneficial for a beginner. allows you to set up your small business store or professional blog. Yet, would be a good ground for blogging without monetization. At the same time, moneywise, the .org platform is less expensive to manage.

Overpaying for add-ons

You will need some budget to start running your webpage. Don’t worry, it’s not a must to invest a ton of your money to create a hobby blog or portfolio. Yet, you need to choose a plan carefully before you proceed with customizing the page.

It’s different for students who want to kickstart their small businesses. You don’t need to buy all the add-ons in your sight. At the beginning of your journey, you can skip some of them and focus on investing money in your startup. Then, as you become a more proficient platform user, you can add what matters.

Skipping regular updates

Many people think updates can wait because nothing goes wrong if you forget to click the button and wait for the software to upload new patches. However, it is essential to always respond to your update notification on the dashboard. Regular updates are there for a reason. WordPress offers you regular updates to avoid issues with themes and plugins. 

Moreover, you avoid security issues by keeping up with the new WordPress version. Your personal blog needs the same levels of protection from threats as any eCommerce platform. After all, you put a lot of effort into your page, and updates take less than minutes to self-install.

Choosing a theme that doesn’t suit your purpose

One of the best features of WordPress is pre-designed themes for your website. However, even with a variety of options, it’s easy to choose a theme that doesn’t state your page’s purpose. Each design transfers the basic idea of what this webpage is about. Misusing it won’t do you a favor.

It’s better to use a simple and functional WordPress theme, especially if you are a newbie. Whether you are creating a blog, portfolio, or eCommerce page, people should find everything they need in a few clicks. Feel free to dedicate some time exploring different versions, read reviews and recommendations, and then stick to your theme of choice.

Leaving demo content

A rookie mistake that is easily fixed with more attentiveness to details. It’s easy to forget about default templates when you enter the world of WordPress for the first time. Even if your visitors don’t notice, Google will pick on these elements. The last thing you want is to have a problem with indexes and blog promotion.

Using the wrong website architecture

Many beginners don’t know the difference between posts and pages. The most common mistake you want to avoid is to use posts instead of pages. You should distinguish them before you fill your webpage with enough content. Later it can become messy and this issue is hard to fix.

Pages exist for the content that you will not change or update frequently. It includes categories like services and “about you” pages. Posts are perfect for articles, updates, and any other content that you add for your readers. As soon as you figure it out, your blog will be organized and easy to navigate.

Misusing tags and categories

Content optimization is essential for your website. You have categories and tags to manage content and make it easy for people to find the information they search for. Categories are general; they can be anything from Politics to Culture. Tags are more specific; they describe a particular topic you want to explore in a category.

For instance, when writing a book review, you will place it in the Books category. It should have a tag distinguishing that it’s a review and the name of the book. Tags and categories exist not only for your blog visitors. They also help you not to get lost in your posts.

Not learning more about SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial for your website’s popularity. You might create the most helpful content in the niche, but no one will find it if you ignore SEO principles to promote it. Many beginners believe SEO is only for companies or professionals. Yet, it is an integral part of any website’s life.

SEO professionals are as relevant as programmers when it comes to the world of websites and services. Learning more about traffic and search engine ranking can add to your future career. You can also use SEO plugins that will ease your experience.

Not checking your website performance

If it works for me, then everything is right, right? It can be a different story for your visitors when they click on your website and get to wait minutes for all of the content to load. You should always check your web page speed and performance and avoid overusing heavy content like videos, interactive elements, and plugins. Otherwise, your visitors won’t stick around, even if you figured out SEO and other aspects to attract more traffic.

Not moderating comments

You might want to leave a possibility to comment for your visitors. Commenting and engaging with your posts can increase your traffic in the future. However, it’s a tricky aspect when it comes to the quality of the engagement. Quickly enough, you will discover the comment section littered with strange links or downright gibberish written by bots.

You need to enable manual approval for comments to avoid spam. It allows you to be updated each time someone leaves a message and review it before it displays under the post. It’s definitely a win-win situation when you know about the activity under your posts and can manage it accordingly.

To sum up

Creating your first website can be a perfect addition to your skill set. It’s okay if your first attempt goes wrong because it leaves you with experience and room for improvement. Experiment with your style, themes, and other elements of the web page and unlock the best way to express yourself.

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