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Taslima Nasrin is from Bengal, she is a controversial writer. But her novels can make you think twice the topics she has covered in her novels. She is also over Twitter here.  Her profile on twitter is “Writer, Secular Humanist, Feminist, Physician”.

I recently read her novel “Sodh” in Hindi. I decided to search her novels on Internet but there are not available online in Hindi, but if you are from Bengal you can read her novels and poems in Bengali.

Unfortunately all the books are in Bengali so if you can not read Bengali you can not enjoy these books.

Deshiboi is a website dedicated to Bengali books. The website has a page for Taslima Nasrin. And has an online collection for 25 books. Book may be for Novels, poems and stories and articles.

All the books are online, so you can read them. Some of the her book names are Amar Maya Bela, Bangali Purush, Bela Jay Mela jay, Bhalobaso Sai Baso, Bindu Bindu, Bondini, Dharma Nei, Dikhondita, Khali Khali Lage, Lojja, My Stormy Youth, Nirbason Dondo.

Read Taslima Nasreen Books on Deshiboi.


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  • The following books in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh have been banned. Therefore, people in that people’s republic are not allowed to read these books. It was banned in Bangladesh, even in India it has been partly censored. The book is available in this site, Now, wherever you are you can read the entirely uncensored version of the book.

  • nice to read article in bengali and main thing is books are interesting