Send Free SMS Without Login and Captcha : FooSMS (India)


fooSMS a thumb Send Free SMS Without Login and Captcha : FooSMS (India)

I have included this site in my latest post on free SMS. But I thought a separate post will be good for both end. FooSMS is a nice site for sending Free SMS in India. This website is similar to other SMS sites in many feature but it is different as well because you would not find some features of this website in other similar sites. You can signup for this service but it is not necessary. You can send free SMS without registration. There are many other sites that let you send free SMS without registration only you need to solve captcha. But if you use FooSMS it will not ask you to solve any captcha. This service provides Bulk SMS too.

You can send only 140 character limit SMS, SMS will have sponsored ads.

Go to FooSMS.


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    Great without using as such we can utilize..

  • Tried it, but not work. Thanks anyway

    • DND may be activate on you r mobile, I have tested it worked for me.

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