Tatkal Ticket Booking Time on IRCTC website is 10 AM to 12 PM

If you go to IRCTC website to book a ticket today you will see a notice on the website that you can book a Tatkal ticket between 10 AM to 12 PM. The all new rules are to stop misuse of Tatkal ticket booking service. If an individual user go for a tatkal ticket he will hardly get one, if he go to an agent the agent will manage one for him on a premium rate, premium rate is almost 3 times more than actual rate.

Previous tatkal ticket booking time was 8 Am to 10 AM but it is 10 AM to 12 PM. And many other rules are now effective to take down touts. By the time how the service will be improved, we still have to wait and watch but it seems things will get a little (?) better because touts won’t stop.

Now normal users can book Tatkal ticket from 10 AM to 12 PM and only two ticket are possible in a single day on a single IP address, so having more than one computer or more than one account won’t help touts to book tickets as normal users.

IRCTC agents can book ticket after 12 PM and only one ticket for one train, this rule is same for online and offline ticket booking agents. On  ticket counter there will be a separate line for Tatkal ticket booking from 10 to 10.30 AM.

Indian railway also managed for more powerful servers to handle online traffic load, this may help online users.

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13 thoughts on “Tatkal Ticket Booking Time on IRCTC website is 10 AM to 12 PM

  1. indeed having a tatkal ticket booking is a tough task for an ordinary man! I had to pay a big amount for getting a tatkal ticket from an agent! I am not sure whether this rule will have any effect or not over the misuse of the ticket booking by the reservation agents! One thing for sure , I would say is that , now I can get ready with more preparation for booking before 10 AM. Thanks for this valuable information!

  2. Good step by Govt. to prevent reservation by agents, I hope so it is very useful system for tatkal ticket booking. It is useful & knowledgeable post regarding new system for tatkal ticket booking.

  3. I don’t think so that this will help in anyway.. Because what is the use of extending the booking time by two hours, It just doesn’t help in anyway.

  4. A good improvement to curb touts for intervention. But whether a single/private person can book takkal ticket from his computer with his ID>?

  5. Tatkal system is a corruption in disguise! the booking clerks at the counter take charges for Rs.250/- for a sleeper, 350/- for an a/c ticket on tatkal! moreover the irctc website takes ages to open in the stipulated time!
    Please stop this as it has only led to a more convenient setting for corruption between the agents and the booking clerks at the counter.

  6. New rule will help passengers.

  7. M S Rajput,Type-IV / 36-C, Anupratap Colony,PO: Bhabhanagar,Rawatbhata,Via: Kota(Raj),PIN: 323307 on said:

    From last two days,I am trying to book Tatkal ticket, but we are not getting line.Every time irctc site is busy. Inspite of my reapeted chances. i was not able to book the tickets.

  8. More- bore ,BAKWAS , Corrupted tatkal booking system of indian railways .This tatkal system is shameful system of indian railways.This tatkal system is “LOOTAAMAARI SYSTEM” Not “tatkal” ticket system and this system is not suitable for emergency purpose at all.

  9. really it is tiresome and impossible to book a tatkal ticket in irctc. It took four minutes to open the page when i tried to book a ticket for my son and interestingly the available status of 280 it came down to 89 instantly and subsequently after filling the details of the passenger, the ultimate status come to W/L32 in train no.12150 as on dt.30.11.2012. How a person can book a ticket under tatkal scheme. Is it really helpful to a common man? Ministry of Railway must think twice on the issue to ease the procedure to give relief to common people.

  10. hi friends please reply me
    tatkal tickets online bookings there ?
    which timings pls

  11. It is impossible to book tatkal ticket. I have tried booking the tatkal ticket from irctc website almost 40 times in last 2 months but not a single time i got success.
    either the website will not open or it will not move after login screen. it gets freeze at 10 am and by the time you get to the booking screen by 10:15 it will be in waiting list. i always wondered who booked all this ticket and how.. I have used the best internet speed even though i am not able to book.. i believe its a planned scham.

    • I mostly don’t go for tatkal tickets, the aim of this post is to inform readers about the changes. But you may be right because many readers complaining about the same situation.

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