Scalar Energy Pendant Prices Controversy in India for buyers

Scalar Energy Pendants were unknown to India until MLM networks arrived in India. Most of the MLM networks offer Scalar Energy Pendants to its customers for joining their MLM network. I never tried how Scalar Energy Pendant effects body and mind but when you join an MLM network by paying 4500 INR or something less or more, you get many things in return as Scalar Energy Pendant, Reebok kit, suit cloth, health card, and power saver etc.

enery pendant thumb Scalar Energy Pendant Prices Controversy in India for buyers

When your MLM network give you an Scalar Energy Pendant  it says the price of this Pendant is itself about 3500 INR.

Scalar Energy Pendant may be real may working as we believe in having gold or silver or diamond on body. Some says it is made of natural minerals some says it is made from the lava of volcano. Some scholars says Scalar Energy Pendant does not work at all, it is just another scam and foolproof idea of money-making.

There are many duplicate Scalar Energy Pendant manufactures and sellers. The energy pendant is known as Quantum pendant, Quantum Scalar pendant etc.

The most interesting is what is the price of these pendants. These energy pendants come in same shape and mostly same design. The colors are custom color. The most popular energy pendant is you can see in this post.

But the thing confuses me is the price of Energy pendant. If you are going to buy an energy pendant first check the price online because if you but it offline it can cost you 1000 INR to 3000 INR but online it is for just 250 INR. And one more thing is the price again how can be this energy pendant so cheap about Rs. 250 if it is made of powerful mineral. Why it is not costlier as gold or silver.

I had listened about a magical Amulet that will solve all the problem of body and mind. The energy pendant also sounds similar. Some sellers also relating it with the Quantum Science theory.

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