7 Online Consumer Forums in India

Online consumer forums are similar to real consumer forums because you fill a complaint against a product company for fraud or bad user experience. So company get negative publicity that is always bad for a goods or services selling company for consumers. So companies are aware of these online consumer forums if you fill any complaint against in these forums these companies will resolve your problems.

There are many online consumer complain forums in India. I have seven consumer complaint forums. These forums are really useful and work in most of the matters.

I found about these consumer forums when I was searching about Bag it today frauds.

(1) Consumercomplaints
Consumercomplaints is top online consumer complaint forum in India. It comes top 10 K sites in India.

(2) Consumercourt
consumercourt is second most popular consumer forum in India. This forum is powered by vBulletin.

(3) Consumercourtforum
Consumercourtforum is another good consumer court forum in India. It is a bit small forum if you compare it with two above forums.

(4) Grahakseva
Grahakseva name is enough, it is covering important consumer topics for services and products.

(5) Complaints-India
Complaints-India also shows you lost money on homepage, top complaints are against mobile phone, travel agents, car companies and mobile services.

(6) Complaintboard
Complaintboard is mostly filled with mobile services however it is a general complaint board.

(7) Indiaconsumerforum
Indiaconsumerforum is another active consumer forum in India.

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  • http://www.mmenterprises.co.in Ashok

    Nice & very Awesome because today is most needs about this website for consumer, I appreciate to you for good work.

  • Sanchit

    There is one more http://www.akosha.com, it comes in top 5k websites on India.

    And the best part about this is, it actually helps you in getting the resolution done by the companies by taking action on it, not like others where you can go and post your complaints and the website does nothing.

  • http://www.consumer-court.in Prabhat

    Hi http://www.consumer-court.in is also one website where you can submit your complaint.

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  • Nitin Batra

    I don’t know whether these websites really work or not. But I know a website where complaints are really resolved i.e. Akosha.com.
    I have lodged complaint on all above website so many times, but could not get even a single mail from there. But Once I faced issue with LG and I registered complaint at Akosha.com. I did not believe that I could get call to know my problem with LG. And surprisingly, my complaint resolved just in 3 days. Although it was paid plan but I can’t mind to pay if someone is really agree to bear my hassles.

    There are lots of websites which are just to earn money through Adsense programme but there is not any single site where complaint can be resolved or your complaints are escalated to higher authority of company.

    Akosha is a single website in India where the process is so transparent that you can see your problems escalating to senior person of company.

  • Irfan

    Good list, but there are some lesser known websites which are doing the job of helping consumers like – http://www.evyoo.com

  • Salsan Jose

    but you missed consumercourt.info ???

  • http://www.bindasindian.blogspot.com ANIL KUMAR

    I am bca 3rd year student from shekhawati collage sikar rajasthan(rajasthan university, jaipur). I am sc candidate.
    Mujhe apni is sal ki scholarship rs. 16,380 mili hai. Jabki meri collage fees rs. 25,300 hai. Mujhe puri scholarship milni chahiye. Kya mai consumer court mai file kar sakta hu.
    Please give me right suggestion and email me(balananil.333@gmail.com).

  • Ramesh Kakkar

    I had a very bad experience with Reliance broadband, one day my connection was down, after contacting so many times with customer care, they said someone will visit my home, but no body cam even after 10 days.

    I called the customer care and said just take all our instrument back and disconnect my connection. I stopped using their service, even then they keep on sending me bills.

    One day I got a threatening call from one person, he said, he is an advocate in delhi and right he is at Lal Hazari court delhi where a judge is about to file a case against me, if you pay the pending charges now, your case will be closed else be ready of consequences.

    I said: first there is no notice from the company, also it was company’s fault not mine, so I am not going to pay anything, do whatever you want to do, he started abusing me. I disconnected the phone.

    Since then I start getting these kind of call again and again, I got fed of these and though about teaching them a lesson.

    While searching online I found that many people has experienced same kind of treatment from other companies too.

    I felt so good that people are sharing their experiences, Now I knew these are just fake advocates, and are nothing but new type of recovery agents using new tactics to threaten the consumer and recover the money.

    So friend, don’t get threaten by these kind of people, share your experiences and post your issues on as many online consumer websites.

    here are few online consumer forums that I found pretty useful:



  • http://consumer.admanya.com Karthik

    What about rich website ADmanya ?

    I like this a lot, especially their interface and communication platform with product brand manager.

    Use this for better results.

  • Sushma Binny

    Admanya is a very good consumer feedback site and one will get sure result from admanya. the sites mentioned in the list are hopeless if you ask me

  • Saraj Verma

    I am following online consumer complaint space from last 2 years, there are only few websites which lives up the expectation others are just here for quick adsense money and they are just hopeless.

    Akosha.com is doing very good. They ask for a fee but the service they provide is worth the money (though I feel they are charging a bit extra for kind of service). 499/- is too much to pay if consumers has already lost money.

    What I don’t like about Akosha.com is that all complaints/responses/updates are private, it would be helpful if they make it public so we would know what steps to take if we face similar kind of issue what others have gone through already. (doing so would hurt their revenue, why would I then go for paid plan).

    The next I feel doing good is GrahakSeva.com, but it feels more like a blog, they don’t take any action on consumer complaint. It get lost with other similar complaints

    The last but not the least is AbToBolo.com, as a consumer we can file complaint against a brand and have the right to close the complaint until & unless complaint is get resolved by the brand to our satisfaction.

    Every complaint posted on AbToBolo.com has an status to it, which can only be set by the consumer who filed the complaint or the brand/product against which the complaint was filed.

    Moreover they forward the complaint to the higher authority for speedy resolution, tweet your complaint on twitter, post on concerned brand pages.. all this without any FEE.

    Rest of other complaint website are not that useful.