7 Online Consumer Forums in India

Online consumer forums are similar to real consumer forums because you fill a complaint against a product company for fraud or bad user experience. So company get negative publicity that is always bad for a goods or services selling company for consumers. So companies are aware of these online consumer forums if you fill any complaint against in these forums these companies will resolve your problems.

There are many online consumer complain forums in India. I have seven consumer complaint forums. These forums are really useful and work in most of the matters.

I found about these consumer forums when I was searching about Bag it today frauds.

(1) Consumercomplaints
Consumercomplaints is top online consumer complaint forum in India. It comes top 10 K sites in India.

(2) Consumercourt
consumercourt is second most popular consumer forum in India. This forum is powered by vBulletin.

(3) Consumercourtforum
Consumercourtforum is another good consumer court forum in India. It is a bit small forum if you compare it with two above forums.

(4) Grahakseva
Grahakseva name is enough, it is covering important consumer topics for services and products.

(5) Complaints-India
Complaints-India also shows you lost money on homepage, top complaints are against mobile phone, travel agents, car companies and mobile services.

(6) Complaintboard
Complaintboard is mostly filled with mobile services however it is a general complaint board.

(7) Indiaconsumerforum
Indiaconsumerforum is another active consumer forum in India.

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