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Chatting with strangers is nothing new. In life we chat with strangers. Sometimes we ask for help to someone and someone can ask us as well. But when it comes to online chatting with strangers we look someone to chat but we do not know what we want to talk. There is a post Chat_With_Strangers_Online that has 18 sites. On this post there was a comment but I never noticed that comment until yesterday.

social butterfly thumb Chat With Strangers on Gtalk

There is an app Social-Butterfly on appspot, this app is developed by Raj Shah. To get started with this app is easy. It is a chat bot. Go to Social-Butterfly page and enter your Gmail address or press enter after adding it. You will get an invitation on your Gtalk. You have to accept it in order to get started.

Once you are accepted the social butterfly bot you can start chatting with strangers.
Click on Social Butterfly in Gtalk and enter /start, it is a command to start chatting to chat with next person enter /next, bot will look for next available person.  To stop chat enter /stop.

/Start (To start chatting)
/next (To chat with next person)
/stop (to stop chatting)

Using this app you can chat with strangers by hiding your real identity. It a simple text chat app, if you are looking for video chat please look in related post section or above mentioned post.

Go to Social Butterfly

social butterfly gtalk thumb Chat With Strangers on Gtalk

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