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I was a die-hard fan of cricket matches. I started watching cricket matches in 2000 World cup. But now I do not like cricket. I can say I have personal reasons for it. IPL was the end of my interest in cricket. I have not watched any IPL match ever. Actually there is nothing like cricket.

But sure I can not stop others to watch it. I can share my thoughts but can not press others to follow it. But sure I can stop some people to watch IPL on TV. I can suggest them to watch it online live on computer. There is my personal benefit. I had a huge traffic drop on my blog in semifinal that was between India and Pakistan. And again there was a huge traffic drop in India vs. Sri Lanka final match. But I am not complaining about it, just sharing facts. I was watching match score on my PC and hopefully I was part of celebration with the nation.

IPL live youtube thumb Watch IPL 4 Matches Live Online

In the morning I published YouTube Announces Live Streaming and now you can watch live IPL matches on YouTube, this is called unity of time and place. Seeing cricket score online is available on many of sites but live streaming of these matches is available only on Indiatimes and YouTube. There is a partnership between Indiatimes  and YouTube so on both places you will see live IPL matches.

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