12+ Sites to Chat With Strangers Online

Chatting with someone is a part of human nature, if you scientifically describe; it is a medium for communication but everything is entertainment. A day I was searching something on Google, I see a sponsored link about chatting with strangers, I followed that. I had to have webcam to chat on that site. The website has three chatting options; (1) chat random: means chat with anyone randomly (2) chat with a man as a man (3) chat with girls. This kind of site was new for me. I started searching for this I find many of new sites with same features and may be using same technology. Some sites need webcam and some with text or video options, and some only with text. I have find some sites to chat with strangers. Unfortunately I can’t mention all the sites here because of my blog’s nature.

chat with strangers thumb 12+ Sites to Chat With Strangers Online

The only problem with some of the sites is you will find yourself in embarrassing environment.

There is only one benefit of these sites; you do not have to download or install anything because it is online. You will start chatting with a random users in moments.

(1) Omegle
This is a simple but popular site for chatting anonymously, to start chatting just select text of video, this option is useful if you do not have webcam.

(2) Lollichat
It is a small site, you will find many sites similar to this one. This is only for webcam users.

(3) Facebuzz
Facebuzz is a new site I think, I saw AdSense ads running for this site. You must need webcam.

(4) Tinychat
I have already a post about Tinychat here. You must be logged in to leave a comment. I like this site. Aston Kutcher recently invested in this site.

(5) Tohla
Tohla is only for text chatting at this time. It is text chat only site so there are more chances to meet someone to chat.

(6) Chatroulette
Chatroulette is a popular site, you will find many clones of this site. A small window you will see, you have options to use web cam or no.

(7) Funkmaster
It is a very small site in popularity. While chatting you can share videos and pictures.

(8) Anybodyoutthere
I have a post here. Site developers are working on this site to make your experience better. I am member of this site. you need to be logged in to start chatting.

(9) iMeetzu
To start chatting video or text chat, after choose your name, gender and your location

(10) Tworl
It is a random chat site but not 100% random you need to sign up, every time you search  for some to chat you will be connected to a random match immediately. You both have 48 hours to add as friend or not.

(11) Faceflow
You will see most of the websites re similar to this one, the only difference is you have to login before start a chat. If you are logged in you have many benefits.

(12) Kismetchat
It is a little similar to TinyChat, you will see 9 random users on-screen, in right sidebar you see their names, you can click any name to chat with him or her. You can check more TinyChat like site here.

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