How to get Temporary (Disposable) Phone Number?

NotMyNumber is service for that provides disposable phone numbers. This is for privacy concern people. If you remember I have a post on temporary email address. But this is for temporary phone number. It is true. You can have disposable phone number; share it with others when you need still keep your number hidden from the crowd.

notmynumber thumb How to get Temporary (Disposable) Phone Number?

The temporary phone number will forward your phones on your real number as long as you want. You can keep it on or off.

It works with any phone. But if you have an iPhone there is an app.

How it works for you?
You have a classic jeans and put it n eBay sell. You want to give your contact number so people can contact you. But you do not want to get calls weeks after you sold your jeans pant. You can create a temporary or disposable phone number and forward it for one week on your real number. So if you have one disposable number people will call you on that number and the call will be forwarded to your number. And then you have sold your jeans turn of your temporary number.

You can use your temporary phone number to make phone calls.

And a temporary number will expire when you want to expire it.

To work for you, you need a phone number that you own. If you have a mobile number it will work best.

The service is not free, if you want the temporary number for 1 hour (60 minutes), it will cost you 2.99 ($s). For one day (120 minutes talk time) 4.99 ($s). For one week (240 minutes talk time) 6.99 ($s).

So when you do not need it, you can turn off it or make it expire.

To get this number you have use your phone number and area code, but there is no guaranty you will a disposable number for your area. You have to via PayPal.

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