How to Watch Video Online On Slow Internet Connection?

Most of the countries in world have slow Internet connection. So watching videos online is not a fun. This is the reason most of the video lovers like to watch them offline or they download it to watch it peacefully. In India I am already a victim of slow internet connection and I mostly avoid watching videos online. But sometimes you may not like to download a video if it is a long play or you want to watch only some part of a video.

What happens when you watch a video on YouTube if you are on a slow connection? It will buffer for 20 seconds and play for three seconds. Again it will start buffering for 15 seconds and will play for 4 seconds. And you will watch constantly. Finally your mind and eyes will become tired.

Most of the website using Flash technology for video streaming.

The best idea to watch a video online is to watch it again because if a video once buffered you can watch it without buffering again and again.

Choose small clips that are not more than five minutes. So 2 minutes to 5 minutes clips will be fine.

Watch video in low quality on in low resolution.
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Pause video and just let it buffer to 100% or at least 25% then play it. While buffering a video do not sit quite do other activities and let it buffer. Do not buffer and watch two videos at a time so.

I hope these small tips will change your experience watching videos online. If you also have any suggestion please share with me.

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