Blekko: A Slash Tag Search Engine

blekko search Blekko: A Slash Tag Search Engine Blekko is a search engine, it is new. Its look is dead simple but if you use it then sure it will grab your attention. It works on slash (/) and tags (any single word or combined words), you can say it bare bones of Blekko.
blekko thumb Blekko: A Slash Tag Search Engine

You can become a member of it so it is a friendly. You can become an editor of  this search engine you can manage tags and create tags.

It show you results by relevancy and by recent date. If you find any bug you can report it. You can tag any result, check SEO for a website. You can see cached version of a web page, this includes host rank, inbound links and pages of a website, you can see crawl stats, compare a website with another website and you can check if someone is copying your content. You can see IP address of any website. You can check adsense ID of a website if applicable, you can see info of a website. You can check rank of a website. You can set preference to make your search better.

You can see page source of a website

blekko pref thumb Blekko: A Slash Tag Search EngineYou can visit help section for more information.  

Do not forget to find slash tags here.

Conclusion: It would not lost itself in Google wave otherwise it gets acquired by Microsoft. 

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