6 Sites To Read Gujarati Poems Online (Kavita)


gujarati poems thumb 6 Sites To Read Gujarati Poems Online (Kavita)
After two successful posts on poems this is my third post on the same. My first post on Poems was about Hindi poems and second post was about Marathi poems. Now its time to write about Gujarati poems resources.

Gujarati literature is rich and we can see continues stream of poetry. In my posts there is no variation of which kind of poems you will read on these sites and readers search for specific subjects as love poems, poems on kids or mother etc. I think it is not possible for a poet to write only on a specific topic.

In this post there are not so many website but I know there are thousands of blogs that posts poems written by themselves or other well-known poets poems.

(1) GujaratiKavita
If you search about Gujarati Poems on Google this site will come first, poems are mostly about love, you will find a collection of Ghazlas too.

(2) Gunjarav
This website is online since 2007 and having publishing Gujarati poems. The blog owner is deeply interested in Gujarati literature.

(3) SwargaRohan
Swargarohan is not only for poems but there is a section for poems. You will find patriot songs, Aarti, Tarpan , Prasad etc.

(4) DivyaBhaskar
DivyaBhaskar is a Guajarati newspaper, I read it everyday. If you read ‘Kalash” on Wednesday there is weekly ‘Kavita Corner’.

(5) Kavilok
I found this an interesting site. On this website you will find poems written by recognized poets.

(6) Malji
Most of the posts in this blog are poems, still it is a personal blog author write on any topic.


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