4 Sites To Send Long SMS Free India (500 Characters)

chikka thumb 4 Sites To Send Long SMS Free India (500 Characters)
I have may requests from readers about long SMS sending sites or programs. I was also willing to post something useful. I have already discussed about a site that let you send long SMS, but now I have four ways that you can use to send long SMS in India.

(1) SMS440 (not working)
I have already discussed about this service in one of my post. This service lets you send 440 characters longs SMS, many of you should be using this service I think. With this service you get phone book and reminders, best of all it is also free.

(2) Bollywoodmotion
Finally blast at the last, bollywoodmotion let you send 500 characters long SMS in India without signup. I do not know this service works or not I tried to send SMS, it told send but I did not receive any SMS, so the service may be fake or due to Ayodhya verdict.

I do not know about any other services that let you send long SMS for free, if you know any other please tell me by leaving a comment or you can email me.

(3) CodeSMS
Send free SMS to ant network in India. Send SMS using your own mobile number. CodeSMS let you send 320 Character long SMS.

(4) MyCantos
On 8 November I had an email from MyCantos telling about 300 characters long SMSĀ  I can send.

(5) Rapidmaza
Rapidmaza is similar to Bollywoodmotion, you can free SMS in India up to 500 characters.

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19 thoughts on “4 Sites To Send Long SMS Free India (500 Characters)

  1. dude bollywoodmotion works great for me thanks techshali for sharing this site i never know about this site.

  2. Thanks for sharing bollywoodmotion. It worked even for me, however, it doesn’t send 500 chars. My SMS was less than 500 yet it said to lower my count. It still was able to send a very long SMS of about 423 chars. I don’t know the upper limit but it is well below 500.

    Are there any services which allow to send SMS with the sender’s number as my own number and with no ads?!

  3. @ Shivam: That is a very cool website. It really does send the SMS with *MY* number and with no ads*!

    The only foible is that it says 320 characters SMS but allows only 270 characters.

    *If your SMS is short, it does add the text “Join CodeSMS” after your message.

    PS: sms7 is not working for several months, and I think it is now dead :-/

  4. @Shumaila, thanks for your experience. It was an SMS7 is n start up but what happens I do not know, this is the reason SMS7 Alexa rank is going down continuously.

  5. I have put in my mobile number to register myself on the site sms7.in recommended by you. However, as indicated, I have not received my password on my mobile. I, therefore, tried to pass on my mobile number repeatedly. But I got another message saying that my number was already existing in the system. I also registered the other details e.g. my name, address, age, e-mail ID. However, no luck.

    In other words I am not in position to make use of the said sight due to – (1) I have not got any password on my mobile after my registration on the sight sms7.in, as assured and (2) I will not be in a position to use this site in future as the same is not accepting my mobile number on my repeated efforts under the pretext that my number was already in existence.

    Please guide me – what do I do further ?


    • As you have have found his service is not working, other users are also experiencing same problem so this service may going in dead-pool. I will remove this service from my posts. You can use other services as well, most of them are working.

  6. Like sms7.in I tried the site codesms.com which is supposed to be the site accepting free sms upto 320 characters. However, this is not correct. When I tried a message of about 271 characters under ‘schedule sms mode’, the site never accepted the same and advised me to edit the same saying that the character count is (-) 111 characters. This means the site is accepting sms only upto 160 characters and not repeat ‘not’ 320 characters as has been recommended by you above. I think instead of before advising / recommending any such sites it would be advisable to check the parameters to enable the users get the correct picture before registering themselves on the such sites creating a question in their minds whether the sites are genuine ones.

    Please guide / help me, as I have to send free sms to my friends having around 275 characters.


    • Actually I am not writing complete review so this can happen. These services when provide some special services as group SMS or schedule SMS then they can compromise with their features. Sometimes their offers can be in specific situation
      However you can try http://whozzat.com/, I have not tried this one too but you can send 470 characters. I have got good reviews.

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