Top 3 Indian Web Portals

Yahoo, MSN and AOL are some of top web portals designed to provide useful information, resources and services. As yahoo provides latest news, market place, email, games, finance, maps, travel, local, movies etc. And all other similar portals provide mostly similar services in less or more with different names.
Any portal you visit, you will notice that portal full of information as MSN, yahoo and AOL.
In India, there are a few general web portals like yahoo and these are popular among Indian users.

(1) Rediif
rediff Top 3 Indian Web Portals

Rediff is India’s top web portal, its more than 85% traffic comes from India, peoples criticized Rediff’s redesign and unique visitor rate was goes down. Now Rediff homepage is simple and not so crowded.
News: International and national news.
Movies: Hollywood, Bollywood and south movie’s reviews, pics, and news.
Cricket: Cricket is most popular game in India so cricket section is also there.
Money: NSE (national stock exchange) BSE (Bombay stock exchange) updates and other money related news.
Rediffmail: Rediff’s email service.
My Page: You can create your own page
iShare: To share your music, videos and pictures from your on rediff.
Shopping: Rediff shopping

Launched in 1996.

(2) India Times
indiatimes Top 3 Indian Web Portals
India Times is Internet subsidiary of Times of India Group, which is India’s largest selling newspaper. Indian Times is competitor of Rediff because both provides similar services around same geographical location.
Communities: Communities is for making friends, buy/sell products, upload and share pictures, chat, write blogs, send and manage emails.
Leisure: This includes now popular bookmaking service Hotklix, movies, astrology, games, etc.
Shop: Sop is for times shopping
News: News from Times of India Group
Mobile: Mobile stuffs.

(3) Sify
sify Top 3 Indian Web Portals
Sify is formerly Internet Service Provider but it has a web portal also with same name. Sify provides many services like videos, movies, stock market index.
Specials: Occasional

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