12 Sites for Hindi Poems (Kavita)


On the internet all the users are not native English users, however many of them can read, write and speak English but reading poems in own language is always a great pleaser for all language speakers, most of the Indians are proud to be an Indian, along with them I also proud to be a “HindiBhashi” and believe in individuality. I like to read Hindi poems (Kavita) and there so many people in the world they like to read poems, I never shared about me I am a poet also and write poems in Hindi but searching poems in Hindi was not easy for me.

I use Google for searching, to search Hindi poems you can use Google in Hindi. Many personal bloggers they write in Hindi they are poet also. It is hard enough to find a blog or website dedicated only for poems in Hindi. It is also not possible to make a list of all the bloggers who write poems.

(1) Geeta-kavita

(2) Kavitakosh

(3) Hindinest

(4) Anubhuti-Hindi

(5) Srijangatha

(6) Sahityakunj

(7) Kaavyaalaya

(8) Kaavyanjali

(9) Swargvibha

(10) Prayogshala

(11) Hindyugm

(12) Kavyarachana


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  • i have visited to this site which is very impressive and entertaining.

  • I just released http://shraddhanjali.in/. Here are 14 hindi Kavita at present all written by me. Have a look.

  • divita

    i want some poems dedicated to childrens

  • My few hindi poems can be read at aakarshangiri.blogspot.com

  • Hi,
    I would like the author of this post to introduce Kavyakosh (www.kavyakosh.com) which is one platform on internet to post and read poems from all users. It was recently started last month in Jan 2011 and is growing significantly. If possible do include our site in the above list.

    Rahul Kumbhar

  • Kindly add this site also with u
    shivnarayanjohri.blog spot.com How can I submit Hindi poems at ur site?

  • I want to be a member of ur site. How should I join kindly inform

  • कविता स्वयं से किया गया एक मौन संवाद है जो घर के आँगन से लेकर फैला है आकाश गंगा तक और यदि शब्दों में न कहा गया होता तो और अधिक सुन्दर होता I
    मेरी कुछ कवितायेँ प्रस्तुत हैं: http://lee-mainekahablogspot.com/

    लीना मल्होत्रा


    kavita kya hai ?kya us se hi duniya tiki hai?

  • pravin

    main hindi bhashi yuva rachnakar hun yadi aap apni uprokt suchi men mera blog joden to sambhavtah kuchh kavitayen jo pathkon tak pahunchne ki hakdar hongi pahunch payengi…DHANYAVAD….!

  • Shruti

    Check out my blog for Hindi poems on social topics.

  • parasnath jaiswal

    i like hindi poems

  • Shelly

    Thanx! Its a great help to get information
    about all the hindi sites.

  • iqbal siddiqui

    thanxs its a greet help….nice sites.

  • M.C.Upadhyay

    I like hindi poems & read regularly different-2 writer’s poems. some are intrestening & knowledgeble. I want to be a member of ur site. How should I join kindly inform.

  • Modern Hindi Poetry

  • A Collection of Modern Hindi Poetry by Prabhat Sarsij

  • Very nice selection of sites. Kudos to the author. We also have a nice collection of hindi/urdu poetry, sher, shayri and gazals on our site. All poetry lovers will like yaadein.

  • Hi! to all,my name is suyash sharma,here i post the link of my BLOG http://ssushsharma.blogspot.com/ you can find HINDI and ENGLISH poetry here.please check it out.

  • i had checked all site , all are the masterpiece ,
    thanks thanks thanks a lot for sharing you did a great job .

  • hindi kavita

    मेरे शव को उठाओ
    रो‍ओ मत,
    मेरे शव पर फूलों की ज़रूरत नहीं
    मौत कभी भी फूलों को नहीं सूँघती ।

    रो‍ओ मत,
    तुम्हारे आँसुओं से मेरा शव नहीं तिरेगा ।
    तुम्हारे हाथ में कुछ नहीं ।

    तुम्हारा हाथ
    मेरे शव के हाथ की ही तरह खाली है,
    इसमें कभी भी कुछ नहीं होता ।

    तुम्हारे साथ बिताया हुआ समय
    मेरे शव के खोखलेपन में छलकता है ।
    मेरे शव को उठाओ,


    Let me know the auther of the poem JANA US PAR NA MUSHKIL UPENDRA NATH ASHK JI

    k oodo tho jnsakoge jana us par na mushkil

  • Bhagirath Kankani

    Please visit my blog SANTAM SUKHAYA and enjoy reading hindi and rajasthani poems.

  • Lovey Dovey Afia, i think you should read my latest composition “EK KAUDI KI RANDI”

  • Shefalika

    Pls check out this blog that has some really nice poems and include in yr list, please


  • website swargvibha domain has changed

    Swargvibha, the hindi literary website has now moved to a new server and the new website is http://www.swargvibha.in

    Please update all links accordingly.

  • go to kyonkimainjivithoon.blogspot.com