7 Indian Social Networking Sites

This is a list of social networking sites in India. Facebook has become a local site for everyone so there is no much space for other players.

(1) Indyarocks
Indyarocks is a SMS sending site to any mobile within India but is a full functional site. Indysrocks also has a Facebook like-messaging bar in bottom. Indysrocks is richer but very far from Ibibo in traffic.
You can earn money also on Indyarocks.
indyarocks 7 Indian Social Networking Sites
Send Free SMS
Tribes (Join Or Create like groups)
Movies (special feature other than music and videos)
Market( Includes classified)

(2) Bharat Students
BharatStudents was launched to aim Indian students so many times I got discussed websites features which are miles away from its name. You can upload documents, post classifieds.

Website is small but has plenty of features so if its features will fill one feature I add in one line, whole page.

bharat students 7 Indian Social Networking Sites

Let us have a look at social features.


I think there are only social networking sites alive in India.

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12 thoughts on “7 Indian Social Networking Sites

  1. Hey you have misplaced Dhingana URL at BigAdda link , do fix that so that users can directly go to BigAdda instead of Dhingana.

  2. thats quite set of useful websites for driving visitors to your website ! nice

  3. http://www.dailyworkbook.com

    which has features like
    social networking
    locational networking
    hobby networking
    manage favourites like news, songs, jokes, games, tweets
    manage your profile, and what is happeninga round you
    message, inbox, outbox
    social network and marketplace like renting, bartering, selling and giveaways
    review business and rate and follow and suggest
    find friends, chat online, video and image upload, article upload, review and sugegst to friends

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