Download Free Responsive Website Templates

responsive web template Download Free Responsive Website Templates

Creating a responsive and table less design is always tedious job. But thanks to creative commons and supporters. Html5up has 16responsive web templates under creative commons.

All the templates are designed in HTML 5, CS3 and responsive design. Responsive design uses a single theme for all the devices and platforms and resizes according to the screen size. These themes are easily customizable and downloaded over 774,226 times.

If you are a web developer and looking to kick start your responsive designing service, these templates are good to start.

List of templates:

  1. Prologue
  2. Helios
  3. Telephasic
  4. Strongly Typed
  5. Parallelism
  6. Escape Velocity
  7. Astral
  8. Striped
  9. Dopetrope
  10. Miniport
  11. Txt
  12. Verti
  13. Zerofour
  14. Arcana
  15. Halcyonic
  16. Minimaxing

You can see the Demo of each theme.


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  • Pramod

    Hi Madhav!
    Thanks for sharing these templates with us , i’ll check that link immediately and choose the best template for my blog .


  • Okto

    Hi Madhav,

    It’s important to have responsive web templates since we hardly predict what tools our visitors use to find our blog. It is our duty to ensure our visitors enjoy our content easily.

    Thanks for this resourceful post.

  • Animesh Roy

    Yes just check the site and truly it’s a great resource for web designers and developers.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Animesh Roy

    Yes just checked the site and truly it’s a great resource for web designers and developers.
    Thanks for sharing.

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