Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

(1) Fav7: Short Multi URLs
We already know about many URL shorteners, some services are very popular. All those URL shorteners can short one URL at a time but what if you are in hurry and want to short multiple URL in a time. fav7 short page thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

Fav7 is something that can shot a number of URL in same time. It will create a page of short URLs. You have to share only one link. The page will contain thumbnail of URL on page. You will also see if any visit is there.

fav7 shot thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

For security checking this site uses WOOT ratings, if a site has a green rating screenshot will be created instantly.

(2) BridgeURL
Bridgeurl is an online app that let your share multiple links with friends easy way that is easy to remember. Suppose If I want to share my Facebook address, my blog address and my twitter address and some of other URLs with my friends.bridgeurl thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013
If anyone will open created link in a browser; URLs will be open as a slide show. So one can easily browse links by clicking on next and previous. Some sites may not open in slide show, so you can visit all links separately simply putting all after a forward slash without any space, see below link.

BridgeURL uses iFarme for slide show and Facebook, twitter like sites does allow themselves to show in iFrame.

(3) Markify: Search Trademarksmarkify microsoft Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

Markify is a free name screening tool. It searches for registered trademarks; it also searches for similar trademarks in sound or spelling to your chosen name.

It is useful, if you are going to register a trademark, you can search if it is already not taken by someone else. Markify helps you to search killer trademarks. It also check for available and taken domains for trademarks. The search engine searches in two of the worlds largest trademark database.

(4) AudioTweet
You can send audio tweets without speaking. You need to compose the text and it will be converted to tweet thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

Audiotweet a site that uses Google to convert your text in to speech.

This tool may not work on Firefox  (I am on 5) but it is working on Google Chrome.

(5) eZeep
You can print a document from mobile, laptop, tablet or computer. It’s easy to use.  You need an email address to get it on your device. You don’t need any driver. To get started sign up and activate your account. To print you need to upload the document in PDF format and share the document on eZeep network. eZeep will place ads on your document to provide you free service.

(6) Videopaste
Videopaste is a video file sharing site. You can send videos to anyone with Videopaste. Upload size is only 100 MB, a video over 100 MB will not be possible to upload in a free account. Uploaded videos is resize to 640×480 and it is deleted after 24 hours.

(7) Textmirror
Textmirror is an online tool that you can use to create text mirror of web pages. It is fast and takes only a few seconds. To create text mirror of a web page go to this website and enter the URL of a web page, accept terms and create. You also can see related mirrors.It creates text mirrors you will not see pictures of a web page in mirror however if image has an alt text it also will be mirrored. The page also will have a date of the mirror. You also can search for mirrors. This service is useful if your IP is blocked. You can read the page after converting it in Textmirror.

(8) Freemypdf
Freemypdf passwords and restrictions from PDF files. So if you are facing printing problem you can remove thesis restrictions. After removing restrictions you can save file. Maximum file size is 7 MB. If a DPF file requires a password, you can not view it without a password.
freemypdf thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

(9) Brickify
Brickify is an online tool to brickify your images. Or simply you can turn your images in to Lego building plans. So it also show you printable inventory of an image that you brickify, including color, size and quantity. You can edit the colors or Bricks in your image.

ts bricky thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

brickify inventory thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

You also can download your Brickify image in high resolution schematic PNG.

gglpls thumb Cool and Useful Websites, 20 April 2013

Gglpls is a directory to search Google+ users. You can search Google+ users by location and profession, by name, ID or tag. I do not know it is automatic directory or not but you can list yourself in this directory if you are on Google+. It is easy to add, just add your location and add three tags that describes you or your professional well. This is not just a directory you can get widget for your Google+ stream, you also can find and submit Google+ apps.

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