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Archive is an online service for archiving website snapshots and it’s also a digital library of free eBooks, movies and music. Website snapshot service is known as Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is a part of the Archive community. Anything you find on this website is all free.

Archive org has five main services: (1) Internet Archive (2) Video (3) Live music (4) audio and (5) Texts.

The Internet archive is very useful to check how your website design was in the past or how your website’s look was in the past.

TechShali was launched in May, 2009; since then the Wayback machine has snapped 279 snapshots of TechShali.

A snapshot of a website can be a duplicate of previous snapshot. The snapshots are taken when the wayback machine visits your website.

You can check snapshots of TechShali in the past here*/

If your blog is not in this archive there is a simple way to add it. If your website is linked to other popular websites it will be added to internet archive. So you should link your website to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and many other popular sites. You also can do comments on other popular blogs, so your blog will be added in internet archive.

If there is a large website then the wayback machine will crawl it every day more than one time.

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